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Whether disputes are simple or complex,
they are never solved more efficiently with complex procedures. On the contrary !

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Easy UPGRADE, without exclusivity, by adding just ONE sentence to the traditional tribunal.

Any party may ask as first claimant the Institute of Arbitration (www.euro-arbitration.org) to designate the arbitral court that shall settle any dispute in accordance with the Standard Dispute Rules, this replaces all authority clauses contrary to it.

(special clauses on demand)

Arbitration is intended to simplify access to justice by reducing costs and the domination of the strongest, who can afford a long public lawsuit and often forced claimant to accept a compromise or to give up his claim.

To ensure to a rapid solution honouring all parties. In addition, this shows mutual respect and a great professional ethic.
To be considered a concerned and reliable business partner, even if a dispute arises, is the mark of trust and contributes to fair sales.

The Institute of Arbitration helps companies, individuals, local governments and lawyers to organise conciliation, arbitration and online dispute resolution (ODR).

Our method is based on prevention, conciliation and arbitration to avoid the length, complexity and high cost of a public procedure.

Our discrete, confidential debates reduce stress and make obtaining a fast, enforceable decision easier.

Whether disputes are simple or complex, they are never solved more efficiently with complex procedures. On the contrary.

The Institute of Arbitration is a neutral and independent, non-governmental organization that doesn't depend on professional associations or one country. It has a triple purpose:

  • To organize mediation and arbitration in different countries in accordance with the universal Standard Distpute Rules (SDR). Because, the diversity of legal systems, even within a single country, increases costs and creates insecurity. It's also a constant obstacle to the free circulation of goods, services and products.
  • To centralize all litigation services to be more efficient, without the fragmentation of jurisdictions and matters of different national legal order, prime factor in the increasing costs of treatment.
  • To offer an ODR platform (Online Dispute Resolution) for everyone, easy, simple and flexible; to replace the administrative paper obstacles within particular public services, cause of continual delay.

Arbitration & Mediation Office (AMO) in Romania (2015).
Memorandum with the Shanghai Arbitration Commission (2014). here