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Money claims without disputes are better solved by conciliation.

If the dispute is complex, parties may request mediation before proceeding.

Arbitration does not involve the expense of a summons and all legal expenses resulting from arbitration are the responsibility of the losing party as part of the award. The amount is calculated according to standard tariffs. Since parties receive an enforceable award quickly (+/- 4 months), arbitration is also a very inexpensive judicial procedure for technicalk disputes. A reduced fee is used for uncontested money claims.

The estimates in the table do not include exceptional expenses and duties. All charges will be doubled if one party is established outside Europe. Consult the Standard Dispute Rules to calculate the exact cost.

The loser shall pays the total cost and any indemnities.


Litigation funding is available in most common law jurisdictions. Litigation funding is generally not considered a loan, but rather as a form of an asset purchase. The funding does not have to be repaid if the plaintiff's lawsuit is unsuccessful.

Third Party Funding (TPF) helps businesses in case of litigation expenses, offers risk sharing solutions and provides working capital. It include litigation finance, insurance, law firm fees, corporate intelligence and judgment enforcement, bankruptcy litigation funding, sometimes advisory and a wide range of professional services.