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Many European and domestic laws protect consumers. Thanks this initiatives consumers also benefit from the advantages of arbitration. Consumers' associations know that traditional judicial procedures are too heavy and costly in comparison with the price the goods or services. Arbitration is relevant for consumers' goods disputes when the value of the dispute is law and the consumers are in a unfavorable position, seeing that they have already fully paid the supplier.


Goods of investment

Other than consumer goods, consumers also buy and sell goods of investment such as works of art, jewellerys, domenstic real estate, rental properties and stock shares. The price of these products and the litigations are usually not cheap. Access to arbitration is possible by presenting a claim to the relevant committee: Construction, Real estate, Art works & Antiquities, etc.

Consumer litigation of goods of investment has two characteristics:

1° the consumer is not always in a weak position, example: in construction litigation or for real estate, consumers often refuse to follow contractual agreements by not paying suppliers either on time or in full.

2° the consumer can also sell his goods (afterwards).